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Our Services

Our Services

MLJ Contracting strives to provide our clients and partners with projects that meet or exceed their expectations. We provide a work environment that inspires and challenges our team members with opportunities for personal and career advancement. Our services include:

  • General contracting, managing the project from start to finish

  • Planning, engineering, site coordination, maintenance and logistics

  • Retaining and managing subcontractors

  • Scheduling, coordinating and overseeing all project work

  • Ensuring safety and quality on the job site

At MLJ, we believe reputation is everything, and our executive management and team members at all levels of the organization are personally committed to the success of each project. We work diligently every day to plan and execute projects in the most professional manner, to encourage our clients to rehire us, instill in our subcontractors and suppliers a desire to work with us again and inspire our team members to recommend employment with us to others.

We Create Value For Our Clients

MLJ typically holds the prime contract with the agencies we serve, assuming responsibility on behalf of our clients that the full scope of the project will be performed on time and on budget, in compliance with the bid specifications. We provide a wide range of infrastructure and facility projects for public agencies in the New York metropolitan area, such as:

  • Bridges, streets, parks, water, sewer, and utility infrastructure

  • Transit stations and other facilities

  • Other public facilities

Most importantly, MLJ coordinates and manages all processes, including self-performed work and the work of subcontractors, to ensure that the owner’s project requirements, schedule, budget, safety, quality and compliance requirements are met. Our bids have saved our agency clients a range of      5% - 10% totaling $150 million across our portfolio while continuing to deliver on all project expectations.

Our Value

“Compared to the small companies I’ve worked for, MLJ not only has the desire to continue to diversify its operations, but also has the means to secure the work needed to make that growth happen.

Featured Project Gallery

Featured Project Gallery

Our Business Partners


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MLJ Contracting performs prime contracting work for public works agencies in the New York region, working with subcontractors and suppliers of all sizes and types to execute the contracted work. We recognize that these companies have a choice and we are gratified by the confidence they have demonstrated by partnering with us. We thank our business partners who have supported our growth.

Business Partners
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